Stay at Home

Staying at Home…

Rabbits and chocolates appear in the garden..

Here are some things that we (Daniel, Jemma, Elsbeth, Henry and Wilfred)  have been doing… perhaps you can do them too…


Go out into the garden, or pick something from the hedgerow on your daily walk and see what can be made… We have been enjoying Nettle soup and Dandelion Fritters. Big thank you to Jade from Wild Pickings for giving us some from fresh ideas of what to pick and cook.


Do Some DIY

Why not make a list of all the jobs that need doing and tick one  off each day… Perhaps ask your other half to keep you under control in case your house ends up looking like ours…

Send some gifts

Buy your postage online and send something to a loved one. Pop in a post box on your daily walk. Or order letterbox cakes


It can be hard to feel like you can’t always help in a pandemic crisis like this. Why not spare the money you might of spent on an evening out and donate it to a good cause…. A team in Crymych (A village local to us) are making masks for NHS staff. Every penny helps how ever small.

Be determind & stay Positive…

Make a mini list – things you would like to do and can stick to , your list can be full of feel good events… like eating jam straight from the jar, blowing a dandelion, or rearranging the books. Stay Positive to…why not subscribe to Positive News

More Things to do while Staying at Home.

The Tulips are starting to Trumpet their way towards the Spring sunshine in our gardens

Here are some things that we (Daniel, Jemma, Elsbeth, Henry and Wilfred)  have been doing… perhaps you can do them too…

Spend Time with animals

If you have a horse, brush it, if you have a cat, stroke it, if you have a dog, play with it, if you have a fish, feed it(?). We dragged our geriatric horse from his field and spent some time brushing off his winter coat…

Make time to be with each other.

We have defaulted to an afternoon family film time, Mary Poppins Returns, has been a  popular favourite,



Bake a Cake

We make cakes all the time, so as we  stay at home we are still doing so… If yours doesn’t look like the one below then you can order one here for your  next stay…

Birthday Cake at Nantwen

For the chocolate sponge……..

250g Butter

250g Sugar

4 eggs

220g Self Raising Flour

3og Cocoa Powder

For the icing……..

500g of Mascarpone

150g of Icing Sugar (add more or less to taste)

75g of Cocoa (add more or less to taste)

1 nice big punnet of fresh juicy raspberries to decorate

Fresh mint to decorate

Make a Rainbow

If you haven’t yet done so, why not adorn your window with a homemade Rainbow to show your support for the NHS at this worrying time whilst you stay at home.


Listen to Schubert

Music of  an absolute genius…. whilst  the planning of our classical music concerts are on pause for the time being we have been enjoying the amazing Signum Quartet and their recording of Schubert’s music.


Tell jokes, relive happy memories, plan for future fun times and try and be silly.. remember Laughter is a big key to a healthy mental state…

Laughter helps Lockdown fatigue

Things to do At Home during Lockdown.

The cowslips are popping up in the meadow whilst we stay at home…

Here are some things that we (Daniel, Jemma, Elsbeth, Henry and Wilfred)  have been doing… perhaps you can do them too…


Bake bread and Stay at Home

Bake Bread

Hobbs House Bakery offer this  simple white loaf recipe for making bread in a food mixer. 560g of flour, 10g salt, 5g dried yeast (10g fresh) 20ml rapeseed oil, 300ml warm water. Mix, knead, prove, bake.

Plant Something

Celery in an old tin. This is a really simple way to grow food whilst you stay at home. Take the end of a celery stalk, soak it, then pop it in an old tin with soil,  leave on the window, water well and wait for some new celery to grow!

Listen to Mozart

Mozart’s music is food of the soul and really lifts the spirit when in Lockdown. We are big fans of Vilde Frang and suggest her recording of Mozart’s violin Concertos with Arcangelo


We have a well stocked library in the farmhouse and in Nantwen, set some time aside whilst you stay at home try and  do some reading, the reading you never had time to do before. Daniel is reading One Moonlit Night by Caradog Prichard



Learn something new…

Daniel is learning German, Elsie is learning the Piano.



When you stay at home then you should Play and spend time with each other… having an 8 month old puppy helps!

Stay at Home